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How Likely Are U To Kill Your Classmates
find out if u are to cool or will be a mass murderer
Quanto Sei Fattone?
Misura il tuo grado di fattaggine.
Which Royal Knight (Digimon X-Evolution) Are You?
Know your inner Royal Knight~!
Which Kollywood Actor Are You?
This is for tamil guys..
Make Your Own Pokemon!
take this test and make your own pokemon creations!
Which Homestuck Character Are You?
A simple quiz, try it to find out which one you are most like!
Que Tipo De Repulgue De Empanada Sos?
elegi que tipo de repulgue de empanada sos y contale a tus amigos
The Starting Letter Of Name Of Your Life Partner
to know about your future partner
What's Your Ideology?
Sorts into either Theistic Existentialist, Atheist Existentialist, Absurdist, or Nihilist
Who Loves You The Most ?
Wana Know Which Relation Loves You The Most !

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