H.A.H - Suggested Apps


hey friends you can send gifts to your friends using this application

Candy Shop

A child's paradise.

Gift A Song

The application is to send songs as a gift to your friends

The Best By Nedal Alzgoul

ساصـبر حتـى يعجـز الصـبر مـن صبـري

Lovely Gifts

people can send gifts to their friends

Quà Tặng

Ai biết gì đâu,chắc là tặng quà


Eid Alhop

Dragons Of Atlantis Gift Giver

We Give gifts! Please Submit some Links and well post them up!

Frontierville Gift Collection

Allows facebook users to accept identical frontierville requests all at once


Gift Application


send a gift...you can send the image at no cost... or you may purchase and send the real item...


YOU HAVE THE RABIES, Better pass it on to someone else within 24 hours, or else 0_0...

Shirdi Sai Baba's Blessings

Now you can get Prasad or gifts from Sai Baba of Shirdi

Best Friends

Send gift to your F/book friends!

Jewel Gift

Gift on jewels


send a hooligan



Candle Gifts

Send a candle to someone special


Give your friends Christmas, New year,Valentine and Birthday gifts and win their friendship

My Honey

send present

Funky Gifts

Send gifts to friends! Will they send you one back?


Send Your Friends And Fmily Gifts

Birthday Gift

It your friend birthday!! Don't know what to give him or her?? Use this app. to send your friend a v...

Gun Gifts

Send your friends guns

Send Hell Energy Drink

Gives You Power Like Hell www.hellenergy.r s

Booze Gifter

Send your friends some Booze so that they can feel HIGH when they are LOW...

End Of School

if your school is going to end then send gifts to all of your class fallows

I Love You

It is about sharing love between friends

Gift Stuff

gift stuff

Send Gifts!

Send Gifts To Your Friends For Free!


simply wishing

Web N Photography

Free Pic's for everyone

Free Love Gift

Send free gift to you friends By Akash Gill


know about whats hepp

Dublin Spca Animals

Give a gift of a picture of one of the animals living at the Dublin SPCA shelter. You can sponsor y...

Gift Box For Kiki Krypton

it contains kiki's favourite things :). gift her things she like :)

Itsjhworld.Com Gifts

Join our website and get away the gifts from us

Happy Eid

Happy Eid for every one ..... :) عيد مبارك و كل عام وانتم بخير

Market Street Mayhem

give givft and stuff to all your mates on market street

Vinedrops Wine Gifts

Share bottles of Vinedrops wines with your friends.

Beautiful Picture

beautiful picture


Send gifts to your friends with this unique application.

What Gift You Going To Get

each day you get a other gift never the same you send it to a friend and they like it or not

Gifts For Friends

offer your friend with a cool gift on facebook.

Cat And Dog

What do u think ?/////////////////// cat and Dog

Dog Doggie Dog

dog dog doggie dog dof dog doggie dog


Send messages with pictures

Gift A Vu

Choose a gift from Vu for your loved one.

Liam's Gift Service

a gift service

Fee Poker Money


Cantina Woodfire

The best WoodFired pizzas EVER!


52mp.tv Gifts

Electronic Hug Sender

Send someone(friend relative lover....) a hug when the distance is killing you ..trust me ...it work...

Multiple Sclerosis

Send Virtual Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Gifts

Puppy Sender

Puppy Sender

Fashion Frenzie

Send your friends the hottest fashions around!

Petville 2

A continuous of the other pet ville com check it out!!!!!!!!!!1

Birthday Gifts

give your friends A free birthday gift

Branden's Life And Gifts

An app designed to help celebrate the life of Branden Ronnenkamp

Abrar's Gift Creator

Created by Abrar Hussain

Unusual Gifts

Strange things to give as gifts you wouldnt see any where else.

Gifts For Friends

send emotes to any friendon facebook

Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat

Special Occasions

Send your special occasion cards to friends and family in a easyer way.

Spencer's Scumscrubber Spectacular!

You send junk to people and when you have a big stockpile you win.

Rtec Mobile

send Rtec mobile to your friend as gift

What Weed Are You


Universal Healing Energy

A way of sending vibration unity in healing and raising the frequency of oneness in healing support.


Smile to your friends send the warmest smiles.

Baby Animal

send baby animal

Discount During Shows

Get discount on our products when you meet us during one of our shows in 2011.

Quà Tặng 20/10

Thân tặng!

Apocalyptica For Those Who Adore Them

For all those out there that adore Apocalyptica, this is for you. Many gifts of "That Sexy Cello Pla...


To send a gift for friend like as fruite.


Trying to delete

Gift Giver

give ur friends annoying gifts they dont whant

Best Friend Present



Tesgifts yay

Funny Zoozoos Gifts


The :P Gift :D Of :) Emoticons :U

Gift your friends with Emoticons!

Merry Christmas!

Give eachother gifts and such, and have a fun time!

Stoke City Fc

Send pictures of The Potters to your friends

Eid Gift

Send Eid Gift to your loved ones!!


punch people

Christmas Gifts

Give Christmas gifts to all of your friends and family!

Gift Giver

Send beer, money, Ferrari's, and much more!

Mystery Gifts :?

Find Out yourz

Zexy Ollie

pics of ollie

Drinks On Me!!!


See Your 'I Q'

Now you can see your IQ,(Intelligent Quantity) in FaceBook, we depend on your certificates, work, ac...

Send Rakhis

Express your Love to your siblings by sending them beautiful Rakhis and promise to stand by his/her ...

Feel Ur Friends Special

4 specila persons

Friend Slap

send your friend a slap

Free Gift Thymes For Cafe World

Here is Thymes For Cafe

Do Ya Know?

Do ya wanna know something bout your friend? Well then this is the perfect place you can ask your q...

Send Cute Animals

Send cute animals to your friends.You can send anything from a puppy to a Giraffe!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

ارسل لاصحابك التهاني بمناسبة عيد الحب من هنا http://apps.faceb ook.com/happycecbbfbb

Kristeenyoung Programme Xoxo

Kiss/Slap Kristeen across the Atlantic Ocean

Smsm Gifts

gifts from me

Secret Santa

Secret Santa


You can send cars to your friends

Pošli Svijany

pro fanoušky Svijanského piva

Gift Sender

Send many different gifts to your frieds!

Kado Dari Batosai

gift applications

Gift Your Friend

Send some cool gifts to your friends with tHis application

Gifts And Much More...

best things to send via facebook to friends, family, lovers, crushes, and much more...

Yoville Gifts

Send gifts to your yoville friends!

Sweet Treats

send sweet treats and get some back

§Gift Of The Day§


Gift A Trip

gift a Trip to your friend

"Deepavali Wishes"

send cool diwali wishes to your friends

Mobile Shop

Send some cool gifts to your frnd

Choco Gifts! <3

give yummy choco gifts tto your friends!! <3

Ramadan Special

Ramadan Special For All Muslims On Facebook!

Hillbilly Swap



My someones day give them a big gift

Celeshop Gift 策亮礼品

Send you Celeshop Gift 送你策亮礼品

Drugggg Sender! Xd

Send some drugs to your mateeees!

My Ebay

Sell your stuff online

Windows 7 For Free.

Get Windows 7 FREE!! in Facebook!!! Don't do this if you want to break your computer.

Valentine Cards

give valentine cards

Farmville Gifter

this is the best place 4r gifts

Pass That Blunt

just play

Virtual Nut Tap

you have been virtually nut tapped

Surprise Gifts

Gives you mystery gifts

✩Нσ∂☆ Gifts

send your House of Diamonds SL sisters gifts.

Vacarenje :D

Izvacari prijatelja na fejsu! :D


give a ticket to anything, a race, a club, an amusement park, even a speeding ticket!


Adorable chipmunks & squirrels!

S.Y.L. 81


Love Story

Show your friends how much you love them!

Season Finale

Send a gift for your family and friends to say that you care about them!

Mahmoud Eldardere

اذا اكرمت الكريم ملكته واذا اكرمت الائيم تمردا


send your emo >.<

My App


A Gift For The Couple

Send a gift to the wedding couple who are about to get married or just got married. Select a gift fr...

Bingkisan Lebaran

Just for Silaturahmi

Gift Your Friends Daily

give gifts to your friens for free

Cartoon Expo

enjoy the cartoon expo

Funny Photos For You

send funny photos back and forth to your freinds

Holy Water

Satan SIT!

Get A Cat

who doenst like cats?

Super Watch

Super thin Super strong super green

Gift Collection

the more the better

Дļĭ Мѻsŧдfд

ــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــ


He and his friends dined at The Pie Pot Cafe, Indirangar, Bangalore and had a great time. He got two...



Fruit Platter

enjoy the fruit and life

What Is The Gift :-)

it will provide gifts which r meant for send and recieve.

Taco Buddy

Give your friends a taco friend!

Beyblade Gifts

u can send all ur favourite bey gifts

Good Morning Good Evening

Good Morning Good Evening

Send You Friends Gift Of The Day!!!

gift your friend with interesting gifts and receive them in return...=>

Give Your Friendz A Gift

give your friend a "i love you" or "your my bff" gift today!

La Pâtisserie De Clémentine

Send gifts from La Pâtisserie de Clémentine's selection of sweets, desserts and confections.

Great Present

great presents

Gift For A Friend

it gives different types of gifts for all types of relations,

Chocolate Love

Send chocolate to friends and family

Dt Gift

send this to you friends

Send Football Stars To Your Friends

Send Awesome Football Stars to your Friends!!!!

Friendship Hugs

send hugs with love and affection to your friends...

Surprise Gifts

surprise gifts

Eat Fat Ninja


Birthday Gifts Card And Greetings

send the best gifts ever

Braın Desıgn Specıals

Brain design HAPPY BOX Application special gift and present sender.

Etreehome Gift

send gift to friends


Get now your discount coupons

Violet's Trinkets

You are world-traveled, and surrounded by your kumpania...give trinkets to your gypsy brethren to sh...


new year

Happy Dashain दशैको शुभकामना

To wish Happy Dashain to relatives and friends

Virtual Diwali Crackers By Www.Uttara-Live.Com

This Diwali lets promise not to pollute our environment. Pick up a virtual cracker and send to your ...

Send A Flag To A Friend

now that we can not post a flag of our choice to our profile, send one to a friend!

Gifts For All

Here find your Gifts for all... :)

Song Dedication

dedicate a song to your friend

Unusual Gifts 2

More great and unusual gifts to give.

The Friend App

Ever needed to send a gift to a friend for just saying thankyou?

Wbmi Suggestions

suggest things for your Friends to do over Christmas

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds To Gift Your Friends

Harry Potter

send your freinds harry potter charectars

तीज को उपहार

तीज को उपहार

World Flags

This category contains 303 Flags

Puppy Love

Share your love of adorable puppies!

For My Frens

cool gifts from vikram


Welcome !!! This Application is for the Peoples Who like to Gift a glass of Drink to their friends ...

Halloween Treats!

Send sweet or scary halloween treats to your friends!

Send Anime To Friends!

Send Anime to your pals!

Chinese Festival Card

Chinese Festival Card

Give Love Gifts

Give love gifts to your friends

Dannytown Gifts

Gifts from Dannytown

Animated Reflection

Animated reflections of lakes and rivers in some of Canada's National Parks and Rocky Mountains

Dear Santafriend...

Reci djedu Božičnjaku što želiš za Božić! A ako djedica bude prezauzet možda netko od tvojih prijate...

Tihar Gifts

Gifts for tihar