Complimention - Suggested Apps

Energizedseller Book Giveaway

Suggest 16 friends to EnergizedSeller's fan page and get 20 free

Gift Collection

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and...


The present is a present therefore... you can give someone a gift to use in the present

Mcdonald's Foods! Mcdonald's Foods!

Send a different hamburgers and drinks to your friends!

Purple Passion

All things purple

Send A Gift

Send a gift to your friends.

Cadet Army Ranks

Rank insignias that you send to your friends to recognize them as an army, air or sea cadet

Musical Gift

African musical instrunments

Send A ^_^ <3

Let's face it, you like somebody! Send him or her a smile or a heart to let him or her to know how y...


Send your friends/family hugs!

Kaarunia Tuhan

hadiah2 an


give the joy of dance

Hayate The Combat Butler Giver

Send Your Own Hayate No Gotoku Gift To Your Friends

Almost @Pple

Give your friends ePods, ePads, and more!

Send A Chupie To A Friend

Want to tell a friend how much you care? Send them a cute little Chupie to make them smile.

Summer Senderz

summer senderz is an app, mostly for those days when your stuck inside during the summer and your on...


fun for all!

Lil Message

little messages for friends

Some Hugs

Give some hugs to whom u want

Whats Ur First Gift That U Have Received From U R

its a special thing ,just moulding our feelings nd wraping with care& love it spreads a blossom o...


fun 4 u an ur family hollydays and fun friend stuff

Dare To Gift

dare to gift these gifts..

Happy Birthday!

Here can you send birthday-presents to your friends!

Cake Shop

send tiz cakes to ur bufday frenz to make them a with sweeter smile!!

Drinks To Give

get wasted and share the fun

Give A Gift

Now give a gift to your friend and spread the joy of love amoung each other.

Cow Town

filled with cows

Do You Share Your Birthdate With Me

This app finds out whether your birthdate,time,year and month is same as your friends!!!

Pet Sender Pro

Send Pets to your friend for fun.

I Am Shia

Join us




Yes, you can own a Beatle.

Star Trek Voyager Gifts

gifts of Star Trek Voyager


DrNatura Toxinout, regalalo ai tuoi amici


tg testing

Luv 2 B Wid U

dose people who lyk 2 b wid his/her partner sud join this app. u'll find interesting gifts whch sho...

Gift Ville

Send free online gifts to your friends for free.

Magic Box

this is for one and all

Send Gifts

Send Gifts

Torres Strait Islanders Celebrations

The Torres Strait has a number of key calendar events each year which are recognised around the coun...

Rex Burger Bar

Sending Hamburgers

Send An Animal Crossing Character

Send an animal crossing character to your frinds

Best Childhood Christmas Gifts

Send gifts from your childhood to all your friends!!

Asl Gifts

Send American Sign Language gifts to your friends

Kiss Your Friends

Kiss Your Friends


if u love your bestie! send her/him a gift!

Farmville Gift Sender

no discriptions

"Our Gifts"

giving free gifts that you can remmenber

Send Randoms

send them

Creepy Dolls

Send creepy dolls to your friends... or your enemies.

Element Honors

The Element Honors is a tool used by elements own task force and council to further celebrate our me...

Silly Bandz Trader

Collect silly bandz from your friends! Send to your friends!

Masking Life

Masking Life

Build Your Own

build a world that you want!

Kicking Your Friends

Hurt your friends!



Birthday Present

Send birthday presents to your friends!

Mafia Wars Gifters

mafia wars gifters


gift always good

Gift For Friends

you can send gift to your friends using this application

You Can Has Cookie

Send Cookies

Yo Gaba2 Helloween Street Gift

This application can not be imitated or copied ............. be careful, you may be seen ..... hah...

Kaushal's Teddy Shop

This application is gift for my friend Kaushal on his Birthday.

Lifelinks Meaningful Gifts

Share the gift of meaning to help your friends stay focused on the priorities intheir lives.

Rude Gifts

Send nasty things to friends such as Spit Balls, Punches ect, ect **This is intended for gag use onl...

Hairy Hunks

Send hairy hunks to your friends

Send The Democratic Republic Of The Congo To Your

Send the Democratic Republic of the Congo to your friends!

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

Semoga amal ibadah kita diterima disisi Allah SWT... AMIIN...

Send Gifts To Your Friends

send gifts if you want something in there ask me all put it in for you to gift

Farmtown Gifts

THIS IS NOT GIFTS TO SEND TO YOUR FRIENDS ON FARMTOWN! There just gifts to send for fun! :)




Send people funny pictures to amuse them and yourself...

Black & White Gifts

all kinds of different black & white gifts.

Gift Sender

Share gifts with your friends and see how many you can collect

Spank Or Lick

More fun than poking




send phobias to your friends

Flower's Language

give a flower for your beloved one today each has its own meaning

Farmville Cash Sender

The best bot for Farm- ville cash!

Happy Sad Gifts

send these gifts

Boom Headshot

headshot your friends

Loving Heart

The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart

Abdullah Marawan

shooting abdullah on his face


Küldjé pacsit a haverodnak!

Emo Gifts

Send Emo accessories Gifts to your emofwendz :) Mr. BK

Tui Gift

Tui Gift

Habbo Gifter

Gift friends random gitfts!

Origami Flower Gift

Send the most popular origami flowers from to your friends as gift. (virtual ...

Choose A Gift, He Will Buy It

Choose a Christmas Gift for Your Friends to buy

What Do You Think Of Your Friends?

Give your friends a gift to show what you think of them. Animal pics too!

I Gift <3

send awesome gifts to your friends and receive Gifts

Happy Days

Happy Days_god morning_good night _

Eid Er Salami

Eid er salami pathan joto khushi......

Sexy Gifts

Send sexy gifts to your friends!

Best Gift

looking gr8



Club Penguin Prize Booth

At Club Penguin Prize Booth, we give away Club Penguin Prizes!

Dream Gifts

Choose from an Ipod Touch to the Eiffel Tower! =D It can make your friend's wildest dreams come true...

Ur Gift Nd Ur Moood Today (:

This application just for fun ok (o_0) just 2 sho ur moood today just be CooOoOL 3ala 6ooOoOL ..



Gift Twilight Characters

Give all the characters of twilight as you want.

Gift Sender

Send gifts to your friends and family!

Nasi Goreng Spesial

Hanya Untukmu

Movie Stickers

Send to your friends,parent, or family a sticker of their favorite movie.

I'm Going To The Willow Grove And It's My Round!!!

Have a Drink on us from the Willow Grove. Then get get a round in for your friends.

Gift To You

sen a gift

64Th Independent Day Special

Sends Indian flag to loved one using this appl.

I <3 Vamps

send out vampires 2 ur friends

Am Photographer

love photo

Centra Foodfight

Centra Ireland's Biggest Foodfight

Gummy Mail

Send your friends a delicious gummy treat.

Sonic Love

send love around

Grosvener Credit

Online Money!

Want More Focus?

Do you think your friends need to get more focused, or help with remembering where they put their ke...


send gifts 4 free!


Very Nice Gifts from Samy to every body


send cookies

The Best Gift Sender

It lets you send gifts to your buddies!

Gift Maker

it sends gifts to people

Friendship Bears

for yr only bestest pals!! x

Brazilian Special Souvenirs

Nobody can deny the richness of Brazilian culture, and one can’t find people who don’t get enlighten...

Kiss Me

Send Kisses to your friends


For my frnds

G!Fot - Gift

gift gift r gift

Elysium Gifts

Soulful Sentiments

Great Gifts For Fab Friends

this is where you can send lovely gifts to your friends for free

Gift To Ur Girlfrnd

iF u LOve UR grlfrnd then SEnd IT to HER....

Red & Yellow Gifts

Best redand yellow gifts


cake for you!

Halo Beat Down!!

Halo trophies to annoy your friends with

Winter Wonderland Photocards

Send a winter wonderland photocard to your friends. Great photos of snowy landscapes that you can se...


Kongsikan segalanya melalui sekeping gambar bermaruah! Kongsilah dengan orang insan tersayang!

Santa Gifts For Christmas

Send Santa's gifts to your friends


good luke

Battle Of The Best

a game were you send each other stuff

Honeymooners Gifts

Gifts from the Emperor of Japan's house, the Fat Man's Shop and the Novelty Store

Coca-Cola 2

Prueba coca

Gift To Giantesses

Personal gifts to our favourit giantesses



Modern Warfare 2 Gifts

send your friends killstreaks weapons perks etc. as a special gift!

Kado Lebaran Virtual

Kirimkan kado lebaran virtual buat orang-orang tercinta dan keluarga. Kado lebaran virtual dibuat ol...

Migue Play Hearts And Flowers

For special friends

Proud To Be Pakistani

For All Pakistanis On Facebook!

Jason's Deli Abq App

Send food items to hungry friends and family.

Send A Scene Queen!

Send a Scene Quen to ur friends!!!

Summer Gifts

Summer Gifts

Say Hey!

Send a gift to your friends and let them know you are thinking about them.


It is my group Application

Love Love Love

For you love your friends and family.



Test Ddjdjd

hhhjsj js hdj

What Woman Want

best gift for woman

Leeds Utd Gifts

gift leeds badges throughout the years and some others

Eclipse Know It All

How much you know about Eclipse?

Heart For Your Heart By Johareez.Com

Gift a precious heart shape jewellery article to your girl.

Christmas Gifts

Give your Favorite Friends a Christmas Gifts

Causes Awareness

Raise awareness for your cause and give your friend gifts.

Give Your Gifts By : Daryl Pangilinan

Guve Your Gifts To Your Beloved , Friends , And Anybody That Yuo Know {^_^}

Gift A Heart

gift hearts to your mum ,or admirer.

Hot Cars

A gift game

Powers Me Up

Create your own powers

You Can Know My Big Secret!

very expensive gift for only good friend.

50% Off

Support the USA economy and enjoy premium products and services for half the price.


if yourawesome take a look

Gift Center

Send your friends GIFTS for free!!!

Your Own Petville

u have ur own town u name it watever u want and have fun

A Gift You Do Prefer Most On Your Birthday

A gift on your birthday are so mean to you but normally you could not ask your friends or relative t...


This is my first application


Dance fuckin dance


hi i m bhote


Happy Birthday! =)

Virtual Gifts

send free virtual gifts to your friends & loved one's.

Birthday Cards

Give Birthday cards to your friends!

Tears Of Crimson

www.carafaithdonovan.c om

W.H.D.C. Gifts For You

A wide collection of transformational and beautiful Gifts from World Human Development Center


Gifts & Tokens of friendship.

Gift Your Buddy!!

Send a virtual gift...makes a nice gesture..

Take The Gift!

Make your friends take the darn gift. You went through the trouble to give them something..

Dookie Sayz

Collect and share Dookie Sayz trading cards with your friends and loved ones.

Emoticon Your Friends!

Send your friends emotes that describe them! Marcus Sannino made this.

Zexy Paul

pics of paul

Pokemon !

Send Pokemon to your Friends

Alcohol Gifts (Free Booze)

Free alcohol? Yes, please! Save money, Send your friends a free drink on Facebook! Now you can be a ...

Friend Forever

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

Stuffed Animal Sender

Send cute and cuddly stuffed animals to your friends! Collect them all!

Monthly Gift Sender

Send gifts - new gifts can be sent each month

Al Madina Housing Prokalpa

A real Housing Project in Bangladesh.



Special Delivery 4 You

A special gift just for bring a smile, lighten a mood or just let you know someone is think...

Halloween Gifts From Dougherty's Masquerade

Haunt your friends this Halloween with a gift from Dougherty's!