How Smart Are You?

How Smart Are You?

Find out how smart you are in a few short questions

How Smart Are You?
Who was the first president of the United States of America?
How Smart Are You?
Most Fleeks are Grobs, & most Grobs are Diors. Which of the following statements are definitely true? More than one answer can be true.

All Fleeks are Diors
Most Fleeks are Diors
Some Fleeks are Diors
None of the above statements are definitely true
Question 2 out of 3
0 1 2
How Smart Are You?
Anyone telesent (like being teleported or "beamed up") to Space Station Exray will arrive in pod A, B, or C. You are twice as likely to arrive in pod A than in pod B, & three times as likely to arrive in pod B than pod C. How likely is it that you will arrive in pods B, C, & A, in that order, the only three times that you are telesent to Space Station Exray? You may express your answer as a fraction or as a percentage.
Question 3 out of 3

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