Love From Puchi-Kun

Love From Puchi-Kun - Suggested Apps

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee

Ligonier Camp Care Packages

Hand out LCCC themed gifts to all your camp friends!

Quotes & Sayings

Cute & life quotes


Give people cars

Gift Something Evil

Tired of send teddy bears and cupcakes? Try something a little more.. interesting.

Gift Senders

send gifts to friends and family and collect all the gifts


by ronald

Bubble Banana

send cool stuff to your friends

Birthday Gifts

Send birthday gifts to the Birthday Boy/Girl!

The Hot Gift Spot

hehehe rhymes. anywho, send gifts to your friends, your enimies, your aquantinces, your family, or m...

Range Points

Range Points! Collect them for treats!


Send a gift to a friend


Gift Someone your favourite gift...


Send your friends all kinds of electronics!!!!

Gift Store

Send gifts to your friends

Gift Sender.

Too Send Gifts To Facebook Users.


Send presents to your buddies!



Food Trip

Treat your Friend using FOODBOOK and surprised your friend using this application to send Gifts spec...

Sexy Signatures

Bizarre things that you might wanna send someone if your weird :D

Send A Manic

send band members from Manic Street Preachers to your friend, even the dead one! :D

Give A Brick

Share bricks with your friends. Let them know about the first charity that asks you to give A brick ...

Loving Gift

Give your friends or your loved one a loving gift using Loving Gift application.

Send Cupcakes!!

yay :) haha



From Me

send gifts to friends or just randomly! They will appriciate you thinking of them!

Send A Miley Cyrus Gift

Send & Get Miley Cyrus Gifts

How Sexy Is Your Name ?

Find out how sexy is your name..

Anime Gifting!

send anime pics and more to you friend as gifts!!!

Random Gifts

send random gifts to your friends!

The Perfect Pet

Send the perfect dream pet to one of your friends and they'll gladly repay you back!

Best Friend For Life!!!

Give these to all!!!

Ants In Your Pants

There are ants in your pants.

Bianca Doyle

do you think Bianca is smart??


I way to "bother" but on facebook... ie. e-bother baby!


Latest Gadgets

Pin Up

Send your friends fun badges for all occasions!

Michigan Wolverine Gifts

Gift Michigan Wolverine items to each other.

Send A Heifer Animal

Allows users to send a Heifer Animal to their friends.

Gift Of The Day

give a gift

Late Night Nachos

Send your buddy the cure for the late night munchies.


The many gifts from Cannabis sativa

Animal Sender Beta

You can send animals

Apple Gifts

Send people Apple Gifts!

Wнι¢Н Gιƒт Wσυℓ∂ U ℓιкє Tσ Sєη∂ Тσ Uя Ƒяιєη∂...??

¢нσσѕє α gιƒт ƒяσм вєℓσω αη∂ ѕєη∂ ιт тσ υя ƒяιєη∂ ●•ツ

Slushie Wars

Glee inspired slushie war application.

Physics Gifts

Gift something different and crazy like Particles, String, Black hole, supernova etc!!

Sweet Drinks

Send to your friends really sweet drinks

How Can U Get A Flower

u can get flower 4m whom u love


Send the cutest of the cutest pups on earth to your friendz

Thug Passion

Send some of your Thug Passion

Carbon Credit Trader

Save the planet from Global Warming by trading carbon credits to offset your sins of carbon emission...

Give The Dew

give mtn dew to your frnds

Italian Specialty Gifts


Ian's F's Little Pressies

A silly gift from Mr Fennell

Stupid Signs

Send your friends stupid signs.

Muffin Mania

send different muffins to your freinds


send tanks to your friends


fooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo...

Mountain Mama Recycle Shop

Barang-2 Favorit Irwan


yummy chocolates r fav of all!!!!!!

Kewl Florida Gifts

Give your friends something KewL from the Sunshine State!

Cool Gifts

thay r kool

Find An Real Friend

make a freind alway ture

Kids Bar City

you have your own bAR

I Love Korea!

Send gift of Korea of food, people, culture, and other fun things....


funny gifts or gift of purity which u want.

Nobel Peace Prize?

Just like Barak Obama you too can now be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Emotion Sender

send your emotions to friends

Hediye Sepeti


Bestie Presents!

Give your friends and besties presents of your choise!


Send cool birthday Gift to your friends

Store Run

Send some of your favorite goodies to your friends & family. I bet you find some classics!

Send A Samantha Mcgrath

Send A Samantha McGrath

Gifts For Friends

Exchange gifts with friends and have fun too

Gift Of A Facelift

gift of a facelift

Present Of The Day

Open it now!

Send Stuff

Send random things some good some... not


Abudi Gifts

Opensolaris Goodies

OpenSolaris Goodies

Xango Gift Exchange

Exchange Virtual XanGo swag items!

Cute Animations

aww. send these cute animations to yor friends on facebook.

Send Money

Send tons of cash to your friends!

Alternatykes Gifts

Give an AlternaTykes design to a friend...


send your friends some of the best cars of the years

Linkavich.Com's Tonights Movie To Watch's Tonights Movie To Watch

Orthodox Icons

Send Orthodox icons made by Lancelot Andrewes Press

Send Your Friends A Green Trumpet

Send all of your trumpet-playing friends a green trumpet

Gifts For Me

Send gifts

Santa Your Spouse

Get your love in the holiday spirit! Send them a gift today :)!

Gemstv Jewelry Gifts

Send some sparkle to your friends and loved ones. Send them a piece of GemsTV jewelry.

Send A Bird Or 2 To A Friend.

this is for bird lovers!

Kek Lapis Sarawak

Hadiahkan Kek Lapis Sarawak kepada kawan-kawan anda di Facebook!



Ailurophile-A Gift From One Cat Lover To Another!

Do you have a friend that is a fellow cat lover? If so, send him a Piper!

Funny Random Stuff For Friends

This is my first app for facebook it sends random funny stuff to friends and more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Test Gift App

this is my way of testing gift apps.


this gift for sapulidi kekean


one of the greatest car in the world.

Show Some Love,And Gift It!

Show them how much you care...

Cendol Atau Bata?

Hahaha....bagi yang suka cendol.tterutama para pengguna Forum...Nih, bisa saling lempar cendol grati...


select ur favorite disney friends

Shank Master

Go Shank your friends and have a war.

Cupcake Dreams

created for you and your freinds to enjoy !



Evil Devil

Send Devil Images

Gifts For Everyone

Share and give(freeee)!!!

Dancing Banana Gifts

Theese are some free gifts!


Send you favorite pet to your friends

Give Flowers

give flowers to your friends

Present Polava

Send your mates some Presents

High 5'S

Give High 5's to all your friends (or yourself if your lonely!!!)

Gift Giver

Give gifts to all your friends

Random App

random stuff

Early Christmas

Happy Christmas

Send Randomness

Send Randomness

Pass A Flower On To Your Friends

if you like your friends send them a flower

Merry Xmas

Send your close friends prisents,

Send Music Group

rock groups

Tech Deck

Sends Tech Deck to everyone!

Kartu Ucapan


My Best Friend

If you could have any best friend, who/what would it be?

Buddy Gifts

send your friends gifts from flirty to cruel

"For You"

if u get in a fight with someone or you want to show some love Give your friend or enemy a gift!!! :...

Skittle Throwing Wars

This is dedicated to my friend Tori who was the only one who thought I wasn't joking when I said I'd...

Aht-Crew Free Box

Find your gift on AHT-CreW Free Box Gjej nje dhurate ne AHT-CreW Free Box

Gifts!!What's Better Than That?

Open up your gift!There is something new every time!

A Touch Of Kindness!

Send gifts to friends to show that you care...

Beer Pass

beer pass

The Gift Of Meat

Meat is an excellent gift for any occasion. Show your friends you care -- give them some meat today!

Pioneer Ipod Speaker Gift

surprise your friends an send them a Pioneer digital iPod speaker system

Dido Victoria Millinery Hat-Giver

Give and receive original Dido Victoria headwear.

Special Gift

look whats inside ^^

Punch In The Face

Fed up with them? Punch them in the Face!

Sister Of My Heart

Send gifts to your friends and show them how special they are

Gift Em'!

Give all your friends gifts with this easy app!

Spread The Kisses

Kiss your mates and collect them. Try and get it to a hundred in 1 month. ;) My little challenge.

Yöresel Hediye

Arkadaşlarına kendi yörene has şeyler hediye et :)


giving and collecting steelers players and items


sahdona gift

The Delta Doll

Yes, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has their own doll.

God's Promises

encouragement, enlightenment and inspirations for you, family and friends. Find comfort and strength...

Rose For You

rose for you

Gifts For Ninjas

Send ninja weapons to all your friends

Eau De Parfum Spray

Tak kira La,,, tiak mu wangi ker acemm ker baCin ke


send all christmas gifts :D

Cute Babies

Send a cute baby to all your friends.It will really brighten there day!


Send your friends smiles!! It will show them that they are cared!

Funny Gift Life!

Send Gifts to your Family & Friends, On any special occasion, or just for fun! Gift Life Is A great ...

Words In Mind

Tell someone your words in mind

Peace&Pretzles&Luvly Smiles

Send ur friends the coolest icon.+ Show some love~


send birthday gifts

Corner Dungeon Gift Shop

Spread mayhame with gifts from the dungeon

Tihar Gifts

it is application to send gift to frens for occassion tihar...

Free Gift Sender By Shaheerfaisal

In dis application u can send gifts to ur friends for free

Send Strokes!

give someone a stroke! or two... or three......

Ultimate Gifts

Give your friends cool gifts that they will love you for giving them!!!! xD

Are You Funny Or Boring Today ?

check your funny or boring today..

Send Bricks!

Send your friend a brick!

Kyle Xy

Kyle XY

Xbox Games!

collect them

Free Food!!!

u give food to people its not that hard to understand

Restful Places

photos of beautiful beaches and other restful places

Send Some Food!!!


Misc. Farm Items

Misc farm items

Ragnarok Cards!

Share The Joy Of Ragnarok Online To Friends And Family. There's A Card For Everyone!

Pet Society Gifts

Send your favorite Pet Society items to your friends

Gift Thrower

Throw a gift at your friend! In a bad mood? Throw a sprout!

Whats Ur Special Gift?

see whats ur special gift!

Heart Send



beautiful gift

Iraqi Food

iraqi food

Aircraft And Display Groups

This is a gift for the airplane enthusiast.

Saying Thank You In Different Languagues

Send a note to say thank you

Give Good Gifts

Really neat stuff that your friends will love to receive!

Send Missed Calls!

send missed calls! tamase na movaffagh. riz tamas. ch... tamas

Glee Gifts

Gifts From The Show Glee

Car Gifter

Gift dream cars to your friends!!!

Cafe World Item

gift for all peoples

Give It

Give gifts to buddy's Made by Arran Smith

Buah-Buahan Kampung

Hadiah buah-buahan masa dulu yang sekarang sudah jarang dikenal orang

Happiness At Last !!?

Send happiness using manga to show how you and your love are feeling free and easy app x thank you

Send A Kirby!

Send ur friends a kirby

Mr. Yuk

Facebook refuses to create a "dislike" button. Until they do, register your disapproval by sending ...

My Give

cute animals

Bellezas De Mi Panamá

Flora, fauna, sitios históricos y más de PANAMÁ.


Send you're friends disasters, and recieve some back.

Love Me

Send gifts to your friends to show them you love them!

Lord Of The Rings Gifts

Get the ring and stuff like that

Any Gift Any Occasions!

hiya. this app is made so u can send gifts to ur m8's whenever u want 2.

To My Dearest 1S

For THE ONE who has a place in My HEART

Enhancing Still Gifts

Send pictures & quotes put together by the creator of Enhancing Still.

Random Gifts

Send a completely random gift to your friend.


Send FREE food to your friends!