Award For Not Using Social Media

Award For Not Using Social Media - Suggested Apps


Send your h3art key to your lover

Wildones Gifts

Gift people weapons money or treats in wildones

Prox Gift

prox app is best Basic information about your app

Did You Know?



share animated pics with your friends and many more.. created by.. Waqar Solangi

Pes Patches Gifts

sending pes cd https://www.facebook .com/PesPatches2010

Send A Gift To Dad!

Send your dad a nice present on facebook!


Убави Подароци од Мене за Тебе

Beauty N Roses


Birthday Gift

send gift to your best friend

Happy Birthday From Norms

Wish your friends happy birthday from NORMS!

Uberstrikes Gift

Uber Strike Gifts

Hook Eet

If you dont use dis you funna die on friday at 1 am

New Year Gift

Just send u a aw-sum gift for your frnd on new year then he is happy to accepted.

Friends Club

friends............... ..........

Ƒøûðд Ƒøûðд

Y0µ'££ â£wây§ ßê ¡ñ My £¡fê Evêñ ¡f ¡'M ñ0f ¡ñ y0µr £¡fê '¢âµ§ê y0µ'rê ¡ñ My MêM0ry

For Someone Special

people who want to express their feelings to someone special

Best Wish

Wish the Birthday And Other Importants Day


Send,Receive And Get Closer To Your Friends

Rainbow Roses

ssssssfs sfffffffffffffffffffff ffffffff

Naturelife Promotions!!!

Great Prizes to be won, for qualified members

Thunderfoxtm Gift App

this is a little app that allows to give some gifts to yuor friends :) made by hogan

Abdulmanan Bajwa

it,s have fun thing.

Uday's Gifts

gift anything to your friends

Bassam's Gift

you can play it any were

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts are Products designed for sharing on Facebook as Presents for birthday's, Christmas or...

Backyard Monsters Cool Game

Cool game about BYM!

Send Thc

Send some THC to a friend

Send Gifts

U can send Gifts to your beloved on the facebook or give gifts just to create impression.....send ur...

Online Christmas Gift

Online Christmas Gift for your love ones and friends

Merry Christmas Fellow Kenyans

Wish all your Kenyan friends are Merry Christmas this year and help spread the warmth this festive s...

Random Gifts

give people random gifts

Xmas Cards

Send your friend a Christmas card

You'r Daily Gift

get u'r daily gift

A Hug For You

When someone needs a hug, send it to them


awdaw dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dddddddddwawdddddddddd dd sdaaaaaaaaaaaaaa adwwwwwwwwwq

2-Minute Vibes

Take two minutes to send someone you love good vibrations today. The power of positive thinking is a...


Send eCards for all type of occasions to friends, family, near and dear ones.

Your Gift

choose ur gift for ur choice



Happy Valentines

Happy valentines day

Pearls Of Wisdom

Positive Affirmations

Free Gift

take it take it take it take ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake ittake i...

Little Kisses

Send a friend or loved one a little kiss to let them know you are thinking of them. Great for Valen...

Mother's Day Gifts From Joyfay

Stuffed animals for your mom. Mom deserves the best.

Valentine Day Gift 2014

Click To see your Valentine Gift <3 :)

Journey To The Unknown

A journey into depths of ultimate being and transformation of self with the art of Victor Ekpuk, int...

Nozo Gifts

This Is NoZo APP Gifts To Your Friends For Free ;)

Js In Test


My H3art

App for people who love each other

Gift 4 Ur Frnds Created By Kamal

this apps allow you to give some gift to your dear friends

Appaz Photo Gifts

Today I Have some goods for You

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Gift App for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Game Lap

Now with cp

Saksham Gift Store

send free gifts to surprise your friends....bhoom

Gifts For Friends

send friends gifts

Ramadan Gifts

ramadan gifts

Pokemon Pokeball Zxyn

it is a very fun game for kids as you travel round the pedalex regon coleting the sitth genarayson o...

Happy Holi

Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long.

Send Love Notes Card

Get more love with the Love Notes Oracle Cards. Send a quick cupid reading to a friend on Facebook.

Shopping Centre

Where you go shopping? Kitchen & Housewares Store, Toysstore, Cell Phone Store, The Bookstore, Autom...

Gift A Wallpaper

Gift a wallpaper that is worth of doing nothing

Gift For You

You can send gift by this Apps Its easy just choose your Gift

Drag N Drop Toons

Great Images - Ready Cut - Just drop onto any picture - Resize and Position - All cut with transpare...

Personal Pigeon

Send different pigeons to your friends!!

Would You Date Me

i like video games i am romantic and fun and funny and nice and a little shy

I Love You Gifts

Give you lover a perfect gift

Demotivational Poster Gift

Nice funny clean pictures that you send to your friends


testfghdh dfg

Love Gifts

gifts of caring

My Birthday Bash....(My Bb)

my birthday celebration

Happy Independance Day

Indians celebrate Independance day

Free Gift`S Here

join first and you will find what u need

Ramadan Greeting Cards

Send Beautiful Ramadan Greeting Cards to ur friends !

Voucher Brand Story Seminar

Print/Scan/Claim in order to get Php 500.00 discount for the seminar.

Cars On

check this out its just cool nepal apps

May-Bee Wishes

wishes when hugs or kisses are not the thing that shows your heart 'sing'.

Test Name

Destination URL is not properly formatted (should start with 'http://' or 'https://', should have '/...

Get Gifts From Ch Danish

get free gifts from here.

Amazingz Gift S 4 U

Choose your gift: AmazingZ Gift S 4 U

Gift Upload

upload a gift and send it facebook

Beware Monsters Inside


My Gift Apps

Hai Friends, This is for to all of you.

Mother's Day Ecard

Mother's day is coming and it's time we pour our love expression to our beloved mothers

Sf Dfi Free Accounts

free accounts here free accounts here

Domo Domo Domo


Gift For Friends (ຂອງຂວັນສຳລັບໝູ່ເພື່ອນ )

ມອບຂອງຂວັນໃຫ້ກັບໝູ່ເພື ່ອນຂອງທ່ານໄດ້ທຸກວັນ

Blackshot Guns

This is for blackshot FUNS


give people stuff like farmville cash and more

Gift Animals!

Why not give someone a gift? Why not give them a pet?


ghjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjj

Daily Freebies

Who doesn't love freebies. Share this to your friend and enjoy free stuffs. This promo is limited, j...

Follow Me On Twitter

This app is to tell my friens they can follow me on Twitter.

Gift A Job

You can gift a job opening to your friend which is listed on ActiveJobs.geekynode.c om

Ninja Saga Free Gift

This Free Gift is working 100% for all OS operator and NS PLAYERS

Empires And Allies Free Points

First like this app then send your friends for 15 days the smae gift and in 15 days they will get fr...