Little Kisses

Little Kisses - Suggested Apps

Pir Haroon Ur Rashid

Pir Haroon ur Rashid

Bhagvad Geeta

You can send a verse of Geeta to your friends in English

Get Gift

get a gift

Gift It!

Gifts for all occasions


An app only for a couple of friends. Only they would know what it was for!


CrunchPrep Contacts

The Collection 2: Hackers Org.

Collect as many Hacker Items as you can!

Flowers m/pages/Art-craft/2127 28882151138

Fat Girls Do It Best Gifts

Collection of some of the best BBW / Fat Girl Art work brought to you by send ...

Power Seller

online shopping blog


Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing

Test Appz

Test app description here....

Angelin@ Jolie

photos of Angelina Jolie

Ninja Saga Prize!!

get now the prize (emblem, token,exp, and more)

Sweet Feet

Sweet feet are a deliciously sweet treat!

Slayer Clash

in the world of anything you wanted you give than you fight.... its war time

Dragon City

the best facebook game



Philippinestar Games

Pre Order Of New games In Philippines For Free

Forever Friends

Forever Friends Lovers

Free Online Shop

Buy here at the Free Online Shop for free gifts for your friends like flowers, cakes, books, toys an...

Test App

testing gift app. this is not a real app.

Festive Gift Sender

send a friend a festive suprise

Aymans.Net Gift App Gift App

Bfree Valentines

Share the love of Bfree this Valentines and WIN WIN WIN some great prizes!!

Send Kites

Send Kites to your friend as gift. Joyfull.wap.s h Like Our Page https://www.face

Ninja Saga Gifts

HACK By ADmin Brian


Тоглоод үз. Тэмц, Амьд үлд, diamond ол. Minecraft

Sign My Card

Friends will be able to sign a card instead of writing on Friends Wall with a Message with the optio...

Special Gift

just play use app

Bdsm Gift's

Title say's it all.

Lego's Few People

your toys our fun


dfhdffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffff...

Future Life

its a game thats u roam around and talk to people - river p.


Free money

Free Gifts

Send Free Gifts To Your Friends & Make Them Happy.Not Need To Buy Any Gift just Like Us & Send Gifts

Planetmedia Chriatmas Gifts

Send Christmas gifts to our friends

Miscellaneous Gifts

Open it everyday and see what's today for you and share it with yourfriends.

Lovely Stuff

send somethin nice,or a joke,a heart

Igift: Seasons: Easter

Igift is back and hopping mad with new gifts for ALL your friends, so keep your friends hunting for ...

Sexy Hot Babes

If you love sexy hot babes, then use this app and send the images to the rest of your fellow friends...

Rupernogor Eid Offer

play & win titan watch,psp & phone

Love Hearts

You can send hearts to your friends,but not just ordenairy hearts!You can send friend hearts,romanti...


jamespaul pojadas

Зачленете Се Во Avon Во К17


Purworejo City

This Is An Kutoarjo Cityville

Love Precentage

Hey friends..check out my new designed application..

Special Force Christmas Guns

GM Mercy Giving Free Guns Now

Greeting Cards

Sen cards to your loved ones and Am sure they will like it

Virtual Gift

Every occasion virtual gifts for loved ones

Gift Me

Get or give a gift here today!

Test Contest

It is for test purpose.

Home-Made Goodness

Share the home-made goodness of your favorite Jam

Amin's Aplication

gue yg buat donk... mau ikutan kh???

Gift For You

which question you can answer?

Choose Your Gift....

Đem Coupon đến quán và thưởng thức nước uống, bạn sẽ nhận được Giảm 10% trên hóa đơn và 1 Giờ h...

Worship At Yuma's Feet

A little app I created so that you will "always" be able to sit at my feet and worship :-)


Sharing love, tolerance and peace


for thanking the others....

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers Roses Tulips Lilium Daisy


The drink is for those that are celebrating birthdays.

Facebook Gifts

send likes , pokes

Gift Cards For Friends

Send wishes to your friends

Kitchen Foods

Send and receive your favorite foods.

Rogers Frosty Menu

Latest Menu For Rogers Frosty


CrunchPrep Wesite Purpose

Chocolicious Gifts

Send Chocolates to your friends & loved ones everyday. Make them feel that you love them. <3


testing for test fd dt ehi di hd re oefjeh

Take A Gift

a gift to show your love, appreciation during special day; to express how they are absolutely deserv...

Wedding Day Gift

what gift you will get from your loved ones?


Подари подарочек другу или подруге !

Gift Giver

Give gifts to your friends



Curious Gift Inside

un-known and suprising gift

Mukul De Garama Garam Gift Lelo

send free gifts 2 ur loved ones

Happy Vile


Òºðñºí ºäðèéí Ìýíä Õ¿Ðãýå

Happy birthday to you my friend

Egypt Flag ((Anst-Studio)) m/Anststudio

Wild Ones Gifting App

This Application Will Be Used To Send Pets,Mini-Pets,Accesso ries,Weapons And Hack


abfhvn uiehtnvgerhjhvn heravng brebgvhabgk akjfgbahfbghb nh babfjhgjnvj hnwituhbjtnhj nfksjhtmrgnaeh...

Give A Gift

as you want to give someone you care about a beautiful gift

Wicked Wishes

Send Wicked Wishes with dark art! Check out Wicked Wishes 2 at https://apps.facebook. com/iwickefcca...


gift gift gift gift gift

Church Of Flying Spagetti Monster

Noodly touched by FSM

New Year Gift

. . . We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The b...

Cricket Quiz

You can Test your cricket knowledge here.

Gift For My Friend

You can use this application to send some fantastic gift to your friends

Dark Gifts

Send dark gifts to your friends!

Take The Key Of My H3art

Send the key of your h3art !!


Gifter is an ap created by Julian coleman that allows you to send free gifts to your friends.

გაიგე შენი ახალი წლის საჩუქარი

ამ აპლიკაციის საშუალებით შენ გაიგებ შენს ახალი წლის საჩუქარს




Welcome to the page

Beach Babes

What is your favorite swimsuit for next summer???

Francis Gift Testing

testing for gift game

Train City

ayo mainkan permainan ini rame lo

Your Favorite Things

You can send cool photos to your friends, icluding pokemon, holidays, and hearts.

Gift Sender

Its gift app.People use for funny things



Just Smile

ok just think is random pics that will make smile thing and more

Friendship Bands

Give gifts to make happy ur frienda

Llama Sender

Send A Lama To Your Loved Ones!

Happy Bornday Gift

happy bornday o you................... .........

What Will Be Gifted To U On Ur Birthday?

it will tell u which friend will give u Which Gift?

Texas Hold Em Poker Chips Draw

Daily Millions Chips Draw

Masonscraft Virtual Gifts

by Masons... for Masons

Name Wars

What is the best name in the world?

I Gift 2.

I Gift 2 is exactly the same as I Gift but extended! Mor gifts include: Olympics, animals and much m...

Gift Test

this is a test app for our company

Gift For You

give a gift for your loved ones